What makes an endodontist different from a dentist?

What makes an endodontist different from a dentist?

Endodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry dedicated to the treatment of conditions affecting the soft inner tissues of the teeth. Endodontists, like the doctor, routinely perform root canals, root canal retreatment, and endodontic surgeries to treat infected pulp and damaged root surfaces. Unlike a general dentist, who may only perform a few root canals each month, endodontists are specialists in these procedures, making them the go-to authority on endodontic treatment.


Endodontists have the same education that general dentists do. However, endodontists also pursue additional specialized training in endodontics after graduating dental school. The average endodontist will have at least two years of dedicated training in root canals, retreatment, and other types of endodontic surgery. This specialty training is in addition to a traditional dental education – something a general dentist does not have.

Technology and Efficiency

Because an endodontic practice is finely honed for specific types of dental treatment, the technology to perform such treatments is typically of high caliber and often far more advanced than that which is found in a general dentist’s office. State-of-the-art technology, such as operating microscopes and ultrasonic instrumentation, make it possible for endodontists to carry out complex procedures with simplicity and accuracy. This translates into highly effective treatment rapid pain relief, and a speedy recovery for many patients.

Who should visit an endodontist?

A general dentist is a wonderful resource for maintaining a lifetime of dental health. However, anyone in need of root canal treatment or treatment for a previous failed root canal may benefit from visiting an endodontist. An endodontist is the most qualified person to perform a root canal and preserve a damaged or decayed tooth. Furthermore, treatment from a specialist is typically no less comfortable than getting a filling. A patient may request root canal treatment from an endodontist, or a general dentist may make the decision to refer a patient to a specialist – especially patients who are elderly, have complex treatment needs, or have significant anxiety about endodontic treatment.

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